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The Treasury could pocket 20 million a year in extra fines once the country‘s speed camera network is expanded. Motoring organizations warned that the __1__could become a poll tax on wheels’,__2__huge number of drivers. There could be many more incidents of vandalism __3__cameras.The warnings came__4__a Daily Mail survey found almost all the 23 police forces in England and Wales were either__5__to expansion plans or considering __6__.
Nationwide,the number of speeding tickets is expected to treble,__7__ 90 million a year.__8__the scheme,police keep some of the cash from fines to __9__the costs of fitting and maintaining extra cameras and__10__that existing ones always have film in them. The rest will go to the Treasury. Both Ministers and police insist the scheme is aimed__11__at making roads safer. They point to trials in eight areas which cut collisions by a quarter and deaths and serious injuries by __12__a half.
But motoring organizations fear cameras will be sited on relatively safe__13__fast stretches to catch as many drivers as possible. Some forces are also expected to__14__the“threshold”speeds at which cameras are__15__to the absolute legal minimum-15 mph in a 10 mph limit,and 26 mph in a 20 mph zone. This could encourage drivers to stare at their speedometers instead of concentrating on the road,and __16__to more accidents. Sue Nicholson,head of campaigns at the RAC,said,“We don‘t have a problem with speed cameras __17__. But we do have concerns about__18__they are sited. Police risk losing credibility __19__motorists if cameras are seen as revenue-raising __20__safety devices.”
1. [A] promotions [B] punishments [C] penalties [D] payments
2. [A] isolating [B] separating [C] alienating [D] detaching
3. [A] towards [B] against [C] before [D] over
4. [A] so [B] once [C] as [D] where
5. [A] subjected [B] engaged [C] intended [D] committed
6. [A] taking part [B] keeping silence [C] making exception [D] paying respect
7. [A] financing [B] profiting [C] funding [D] netting
8. [A] From [B] Under [C] On [D] With
9. [A] hide [B] cover [C] conceal [D] veil
10. [A] pledging [B] assuring [C] confirming [D] ensuring
11. [A] essentially [B] strongly [C] wholeheartedly [D] purely
12. [A] in all [B] fewer than [C] at most [D] up to
13. [A] but [B] whereas [C] though [D] while
14. [A] fit [B] put [C] set [D] fix
15. [A] levered [B] geared [C] handled [D] triggered
16. [A] lead [B] add [C] contribute [D] resort
17. [A] any less [B] by itself [C] after all [D] as such
18. [A] who [B] when [C] where [D] which
19. [A] in [B] with [C] against [D] for
20. [A] in spite of [B] far from [C] rather than [D] by means of
1. C 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. D 6. A 7. D 8. B 9.B 10. D
11. D 12.D 13. A 14. C 15. B 16. A 17. D 18. C 19.B 20.C





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