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All Sumerian cities recognized a number of gods in common,including the sky god,the lord of storms,and the morning and evening star.__1__the Sumerian worshipped the goddess of fertility,love,and war,she was evidently lower__2__status than the male gods,indicating that in a more urbanized society the__3__that the peoples of previous times had paid to the earth mother goddess had__4__. The gods seemed hopelessly violent and __5__,and one‘s life a period of slavery at their easy will. The epic poem The Creation emphasizes that__6__were created to enable the gods to__7__ up working. Each city moreover had its own god,who was considered to__8__ the temple literally and who was in theory the owner of all property within the city.__9__the priests who interpreted the will of the god and controlled the__10__ of the economic produce of the city were favored__11__ their supernatural and material functions __12__. When,after 3,000 B. C.,growing warfare among the cities made military leadership__13__,the head of the army who became king assumed a(n)__14__position between the god,whose agent he was,and the priestly class,whom he had both to use and to __15__. Thus king and priests represented the upper class in a hierarchical society.__16__them were the scribes,the secular attendants of the temple,who__17__every aspect of the city’s economic life and who developed a rough judicial system.__18__the temple officials,society was divided among an elite or__19__ group of large landowners and military leaders;a mixed group of merchants,artisans,and craftsmen,free peasants who__20__ the majority of the population;and slaves.
1. [A] Unless [B] As [C] Lest [D] Although
2. [A] on [B] in [C] with [D] about
3. [A] worship [B] reverence [C] admiration [D] gratitude
4. [A] vanished [B] recovered [C] declined [D] attained
5. [A] unpredictable[B] unforgivable[C] unlimited [D] unlikely
6. [A] creatures [B] animals [C] men [D] mortals
7. [A] use [B] turn [C] give [D] back
8. [A] inhabit [B] live [C] reside [D] lodge
9. [A] Hence [B] Thereafter [C] Somehow [D] Incidentally
10. [A] introduction[B] transaction [C] distribution[D] provision
11. [A] as [B] for [C] under [D] of
12. [A] along [B] anyway [C] afterwards [D] alike
13. [A] additional [B] vital [C] singular [D] exceptional
14. [A] alternative [B] secondary [C] intermediate[D] fundamental
15. [A] pacify [B] tempt [C] suppress [D] manipulate
16. [A] Beside [B] Beyond [C] Below [D] Before
17. [A] supervised [B] held [C] managed [D] presided
18. [A] Around [B] Under [C] Above [D] Outside
19. [A] leading [B] noble [C] controlling [D] principal
20. [A] consist [B] compose [C] compile [D] consume
1. D 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. D 7.C 8.A 9. A 10. C
11. B 12. D 13.B 14.C 15. A 16. C 17. A 18. D 19. B 20. B






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