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Chronic insomnia is a major public health problem. And too many people are using__1__ therapies,even while there are a few treatments that do work. Millions of Americans __2__awake at night counting sheep or have a stiff drink or __3__an pill,hoping it will make them sleepy.__4__ experts agree all that self-medicating is a bad idea,and the causes of chronic insomnia remain__5__.
Almost a third of adults have trouble sleeping,and about 10 percent have__6__ of daytime impairment that signal true insomnia. But __7__the complaints,scientists know surprisingly little about what causes chronic insomnia,its health consequences and how best to treat it,a panel of specialists __8__together by the National Institutes of Health concluded Wednesday. The panel called__9__a broad range of research into insomnia,__10__that if scientists understood its __11__causes,they could develop better treatments.
Most,but not all,insomnia is thought to __12__other health problems,from arthritis and depression to cardiovascular disease. The question often is whether the insomnia came first or was a result of the other diseases and how trouble sleeping in__13__complicates those other problems. Other diseases __14__,the risk of insomnia seems to increase with age and to be more __15__among women,especially after their 50s. Smoking,caffeine and numerous __16__drugs also affect sleep.
The NIH is spending about $200 million this year on sleep-related research,some__17__to specific disorders and others __18__the underlying scientific laws that control the nervous system of sleep. The agency was__19__the panel‘s review before deciding what additional work should be__20__ at insomnia.
1. [A] unproven [B] unknown [C] improper [D] imperative
2. [A] fall [B] lie [C] seem [D] become
3. [A] prescribe [B] pop [C] abuse [D] experiment
4. [A] And [B] Though [C] Thus [D] But
5. [A] peculiar [B] anonymous [C] mysterious [D] unexpected
6. [A] signals [B] symptoms [C] signs [D] symbols
7. [A] in addition to[B] except for [C] owing to [D] for all
8. [A] pulled [B] collected [C] brought [D] drawn
9. [A] on [B] for [C] up [D] in
10. [A] noting [B] notifying [C] nosing [D] nominating
11. [A] undertaking[B] underlining [C] underlying [D] undermining
12. [A] cause [B] accompany [C] follow [D] attend
13. [A] short [B] case [C] essence [D] turn
14. [A] inside [B] outside [C] aside [D] besides
15. [A] common [B] popular [C] frequent [D] regular
16. [A] conscription[B] description [C] subscription[D] prescription
17. [A] aimed [B] targeted [C] designated [D] designed
18. [A] examining [B] inspecting [C] verifying [D] assessing
19. [A] conducting [B] awaiting [C] receiving [D] considering
20. [A] assigned [B] charged [C] directed [D] attended
1.A 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.A
11.C 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.B 18.A 19.B 20.C






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